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I’ve lived a pretty amazing life so far as an author, speaker, professor of event management, social media champion, entrepreneur, and architect of experiences.  With the belief that life should be experienced in a big way, I set out to create a company focused on helping clients to live the life they want, and to produce the experiences they want to remember….and Tweet about! In 2007, I founded The Henley Co., an event, travel and lifestyle concierge firm because corporate America was no longer doing it for me, and I thought there was more to life than a cubicle and company policies!

I not only work with clients to create unique experiences, significant celebrations and memory-making events, but I am also recognized as a leader in self-producing events and strategic partnerships. My global work includes the activation of VIP Hospitality Programs for the lead sponsors of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, as well as the Confederation Cup in Brazil and multiple Super Bowls. I am based in San Diego, but I LOVE to travel and work globally!

My first book, “Permission – Stop Competing & Start Creating The Life You Want to Live” was published in 2014, and can be found on Amazon with rave reviews. It’s the story of my trials and tribulations, what I’ve learned along the way, how I put my life back together once it crumbled and how I created my own opportunities to design the life I want to live!

My life isn’t perfect; in fact there are plenty of days that might warrant a profanity or two; but I love experiences and so I work every day seeking out my next great adventure – either personally or professionally! I hope by stopping by my website, you will find motivation, encouragement and permission to live your best life!

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Nicole R. Matthews, CSEP, is Founder & Lifestyle Architect of The Henley Company, LLC., a global event, travel, and lifestyle concierge firm based in San Diego, California. With the belief that life should be experienced in a big way, Nicole set out to create a company focused on helping clients to live the life they want and to produce the experiences they want to remember….and Tweet about!

Nicole not only works with clients to create unique experiences, significant celebrations and memory-making events, but she is also recognized as a leader in self-producing events and strategic partnerships. Her landmark, Sex and the City movie launch party events throughout the country positioned her as the expert in self-producing. With her creativity, fortitude for creating strategic partnerships and her ability to lean on others for support, Nicole is an accomplished business owner, professor, speaker, and now author.  She is delighted to add Olympic (London 2012 & Sochi 2014), FIFA (Confederation Cup 2013 in Brazil) and two Super Bowl (New Orleans, LA & Phoenix, AZ) projects to her global portfolio.

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Our Personal Concierge Services Include:

More Time To Celebrate

Unique Experiences                                 Gift & Personal Shopping Services
Event Planning                                         Custom Invitations
Floral Arrangements                               Reunions
Photographers                                          Décor & Design
Party Favors                                              Gift Baskets
Hard to Find Items                                  Staycations
Romantic Getaways                                Girlfriend Getaways
Wedding / Baby Showers


More Time For Play

Wine Tasting                                              Private Functions & Celebrations
Golf Tournament & Tee Times               Sporting Tickets
Special Events                                            Concert & Theatre Tickets
Restaurant Reservations                          Children’s Activities
Family Experiences


More Time For Travel

Personal Travel Arrangements                Hotel & Restaurant Reservations
Special Weekends                                       Spa Arrangements
Cruise Reservations                                   Car & Limo Rentals
Visa & Passport Information                    Travel Preparations
Tour Arrangements                                    Organizing Itineraries for Visitors


More Time at Home

Coordinate Moving Services                    Just Moved Announcements
Property Searches & Realtor Referrals  Get Organized & Clear Clutter
Decorating and Design                             Housekeeping and Cleaners
House & Pet Sitting                                   Landscaping and Gardening
Household Repair Referrals                    Child Care Referral Services
General Community Information


More Time at Work

New Employee Greeting                         VIP & Employee Arrangements
Corporate Gifts                                         VIP Entertainment
Signage & Banners                                   Promotional Products
Event & Meeting Coordination              International Relocation Services
Corporate Travel Arrangements


Event Portfolio:

Winter Olympics 2014 (Sochi, Russia)                                                             

Executive Hospitality Program for Visa, Inc. & Visa Europe (600 guests)


FIFA Confederation Cup 2014 (Brazil)                       

Executive Hospitality Program for Visa, Inc. (300 guests)


Summer Olympics 2012 (London, England)               

Executive Hospitality Program for Visa Europe (1200 guests)


Super Bowl XLVII  (New Orleans, LA)                          

Executive Hospitality Program for Chevron (200 guests)


Rubio’s Restaurant

CoastFest Beach Clean Up & Party (2000 guests)


The Centre at Lexus Escondido

Master’s of Color VIP Experience (300 guests)


NBC San Diego                                                           

Salute to Service Festival – Military Appreciation Event (3000 guests)


US Open Golf Tournament                                          

Corporate Hospitality Village (500 guests)


Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP                       

Private Aviation Seminar: From Concept to Closing  (90 guests)

Attorney Holiday Party (325 guests)

Labor & Employment Law Seminar (275 guests)

Client Appreciation Event  (325 guests)

130th Anniversary All-Staff Extravaganza (350 guests)

Pacific Rim Advisory Council 40th International Meeting (75 guests)

Holiday Bowl Executive Pre-Game Celebration (150 guests)


University of San Diego                                   

50th Anniversary Homecoming Celebration  (500 guests)

Super Bowl Pre-Event Luncheon (700 guests)

Presidential Debate Luncheon with President Bill Clinton &

Senator Bob Dole (800 guests)

Annual Class Reunions, Mass & New Alumni Events  (1200 guests)

Author E. Hughes Career Achievement Awards  (350 guests)


Sacramento Kings—NBA Franchise                

Pre-Game Media Room Management (300 guests)

Corporate Aircraft Catering (50 guests)

Prudential Plc. (Reading, England)    

Guy Fawkes Night Fireworks Extravaganza (5000 guests)

Conference Center Daily Catering (75 guests)

Staff Holiday Party (40 guests)


Harvard Business School Alumni Club of San Diego   

Annual Club Management & Events (200 members)


Ocean Discovery Institute                                           

Annual Fundraising Gala (250 guests)


Weddings, Social Events & Private Functions  

Destination Wedding (125 guests)

50th Anniversary Celebration (16 guests)

Wedding Reception Management (300 guests)

Wedding Coordination (125 guests)

40th Birthday Pub Crawl (75 guests)

60th Birthday Party (80 guests)

Western Themed Retirement Party (75 guests)

50th Birthday (40 guests)

Around the World in 60 Years – Birthday Party (100 guests)

Amazing Race – 40th Birthday Party (50 guests)


The Henley Company – Self-Produced Events            

Sex & The City: The Movie – Launch Party (450 guests)

He’s Just Not That Into You – Movie Launch Party (250 guests)

Sex & The City 2: Movie – Launch Party (600 guests), San Diego & Los Angeles

Farewell Oprah! (250 guests)

Fifty Shades of Grey – Launch Party (200 guests)




Permission: Stop Competing & Start Creating the Life You Want to Live

By Nicole Matthews


Forget “leaning in” or “leaning out” to get ahead both personally and professionally, in Permission! Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want to Live, Nicole Matthews, founder of The Henley Company, champions the power of “leaning on” others to help create the life you want to live. This witty, humorous, and self-deprecating tale of a forty-something, who has had more fascinating life experiences than dates, will help you realize that giving yourself permission to live the life you want is the first step to finding your best future! Matthews is at the top of her game, but not without having to overcome challenges and mend emotionally, financially, and personally.

The personal journey of Nicole R. Matthews, a social media-loving member of generation x, who cherishes unique experiences, stamps in her passports, and trying to make sense of the opposite sex, is humorously chronicled in Permission! Through her stories, she shares the heartbreak she endured, a depression so profound she spent the night in the ER, and the challenge of having low self-esteem. But despite the setbacks she faced, she found the courage to give herself permission to get out of her broken relationships, start a successful business, and create the opportunities to honor her most precious authentic intentions.

Permission is available on Amazon



As an in-demand speaker on entrepreneurship and personal development, Nicole has presented across the globe, including Scotland and Mexico. She is also the author of Permission: Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want to Live, and owner of The Henley Co, a global event, travel and lifestyle management firm. In all aspects of her work, Nicole champions the importance of designing an authentic and prosperous life!

Her topics include:

  • Event Management
  • Social Media
  • Creating the Life You Want to Live
  • Permission Granted
  • Branding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Concierge Services
  • Inspiration
  • Self-Help
  • Author
  • Goals
  • Business
  • Campus / University
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Happiness
  • Fulfilling Your Potential
  • Work Life Balance
  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Development
  • Small Business Success
  • Women


Keynotes & Programs by Nicole Matthews

Confessions of a Serial Asker- 5 Insider Tips for Cultivating Relationships that Yield Humongous Results

Your Assumptions of Gen Y & Social Media Are All Wrong

Celebrate the Gold Medal By Create Your Own Olympic Sized Opportunities

Are You a Networking Faker? 5 Tips for Navigating Networking Efficiently


To Book:

With humor, enthusiasm, honesty and an inspiring approach, Nicole delivers a unique experience for her audience. Her goal is to tailor presentations to meet the needs of the attendees and to provide action steps for personal and professional success.


Nicole’s fees varies based on the audience and length of presentation requested.  Where appropriate, Nicole requests the opportunity to sell her book, Permission: Stop Competing & Start Creating the Life You Want to Live after all speaking engagements.


Nicole is based in San Diego, CA. For opportunities outside of San Diego, travel and hotel accommodation are required.


To inquire about Nicole’s availability, please contact or call 619-757-6551.